Psychology Dictionary Notes and Self Assessment

Pshchology App

Self Assessment Psychology Dictionary and Notes App
is developed in the manner to give benefits to the students and learners of psychology and also to the normal people who want to check their different psychological level and psychological test such as anxiety, distress, internet addiction, hads_mood. The student can use it either for dictionary aim or for notes. All the relevant study material is grouped together in one application in a portable form.
Learn Psychology provides variety of subjects with many useful information. Explore the subjects and study them one by one. You'll be able to track them by completing each subjects on the go. The contents are separated as a psychology eBook. you can event get Psychology notes from it.
The Psychology with Mahnoor app have categorized main subjects with sub categories. The main subjects as follows,

* Introduction to Psychology
* Historical Development of Modern Psychology
* Biopsychology
* Development, Personality, and Stage Theories
* Behavioural psychology
* Sensation and Perception
* Memory
* Motivation and Emotion
* Social Psychology
* Psychopathology
* cognitive psychology
* psychology today
* Psychobiology
* online psychology
* aura & psychology

Features of Psychology Dictionary Notes and Self Assessment
Psychology Dictionary (offline)
Psychological tests
Psychology Notes
Psychologists history
self-assessment and self reflection
mental workout and psychological game

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