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Are you looking for Mobile Information?? Do you want your device info and phone info app?
Do you need mobile checker and mobile performance monitor? Do you need all mobile info and mobile hardware info?
Do you want best device info app and best mobile monitor app in which you can view all mobile info and mobile hardware info like mobile sensor info, camera info, battery info, SD Card info, Memory info and mobile OS info ?
Don’t worry you are at the place. Now download the Mobile Info App because it provides the battery info, sensors info, Sim info, Installed apps and installs app all information, display information and general information on the mobile device. The user can also find mobile android version information and IMEI number. Mobile Info App helpful both for mobile seller and buyers.
Mobile Information application is used for all information on your mobile device. Using Mobile Info App the user can get all information about their mobile device without entering special codes or formulas.

Phone tester(sensor tester) is a free app that allows you to analyze and test the device's hardware and sensors to make sure the sensor is operating correctly.
Sensor checker and sensor tester also have all device supported sensor list and information of sensors of Accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, proximity sensor, pressure sensor. Mobile info also shows you a list of all install apps and their information include app permissions
Mobile Cleaner app is a free antivirus app that allows you to detect the virus and clean your mobile perfectly. The mobile cleaner also RAM cleaner and cache cleaner.

Features of Mobile Info App
>>> Display all information on the mobile device
>>> Display device hardware info and battery all information, battery health, and charging status
>>> Provide all sensor information and check sensors of mobile device
>>> List of Installed apps and their information
>>> Display info of mobile device and general info
>>> Mobile performance monitor having CPU, RAM, Network and Storage memory monitoring

How to check device information, and mobile hardware monitor?
Install the mobile info app and get information about your device and clean your mobile device as well as monitor mobile sensor, RAM, CPU and Network monitoring.
Phone Info is the best app for phone information, mobile testing app and free mobile antivirus
Please download the Mobile Info app and share it with your friends and family.