Point Of Sale (POS) Detail

Project Description

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. In the simplest of terms, an ERP is a solution that integrates all the processes you use in business. Take a second to think about all the systems you’re using. Chances are you have one for your order and inventory management, human resources, and accounting at a minimum. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these systems could talk to one another and automate tasks for you? That’s what enterprise resource planning systems can do. We offer on-demand ERP systems and software for almost all industries like manufacturing, IT, automobile, education, health, pharmaceutical, hospitality, food and beverages, and construction. Our web-based solution can handle any combination of checkout, inventory control (Stock), and customer management (CRM). Our system will help you automate the point of sale, improve inventory tracking, and enable more effective management of customer and product data to grow profits and decrease store inefficiencies.

Our web-based ERP solution is a fast and reliable system and can accessible from any location. It handle all manual system of Production Company to digitalized system in an efficient way. It has user friendly and fully dynamic user interface.

Modules of Khyber Coded Point Of Sale (POS) Modules
● Category
● Add Product
● Print Product
● Print BarCode
● Adjustment List
● Add Adjustment
● Stock Counts
● Sale List
● Whole Sale
● Import Sale By CSV
● Gift Card List
● Coupon List
● Delivery List
● Purchase List
● Add Purchase
● Import Purchase By CSV
● Expense Category
● Expense List
● Add Expense
● Quotation List
● Add Quotation
● Sale
● Purchase
● Account List
● Add Account
● Balance Sheet
● Account Statement
● Transfer List
● Add Transfer
● Import Transfer By CSV
● User List
● Add User
● Customer List
● Add Customer
● Biller List
● Add Billier
● Supplier List
● Add Supplier
● Department
● Employee
● Attendance
● Payroll
● Holiday
Summary Report
● Best Report
● Product Report
● Daily Sale
● Monthly Sale
● Sale Report
● Payment Report
● Purchase Report
● Warehouse Report
● Warehouse Stock Chart
● Product Quantity Alert
● User Report
● Customer Report
● Supplier Report
● Due Report
● Role Permission
● WareHose
● Customer Group
● Brande
● Unit
● Tax
● User Profile
● Create Sms
● General Setting
● Mail Setting
● Sms Setting
● POS Setting
● HRM Setting
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