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Our Vision

To create impact socially and economically to our country and across the globe. To solve problems of local communities through modern tech solution. To benefit local community.

Our work process

Our work process depends on project requirements. Mostly we use Agile (Scrum) Methodology for Software development. We divide the whole project into modules and Sub Modules. All sub-modules are further divided into tasks. The project manager makes a detail work plan which is developed in the client (contractor‘s) preferred format and document all processes applicable to the system to be acquired, It is specific standards, methods, tools, actions, duration, reuse strategy, and responsibility associated with the development and qualification of all requirements, including safety and security. For each module all stages of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) are complete and handover to the client for testing. Below are some important steps of the work process with our clients.

Generate Ideas

We brainstorms the generated ideas of clients.

Collect Contents

Content collection is very important step. We collect information from client and analyze them.

Create Design

Generate prototype and design.

Launch Project

After sucessfull completion and testing we lunch them.

CEO Message

At Khyber Coded Technologies, our motivation comes from the opportunity to help shape the future. We concentrate not only on what is essential to our business success, but also on what works for our people, our communities and our shared natural environment. Khyber Coded position gives us the ability to influence core themes we believe must be addressed in order for our industry to thrive today and in the years to come. These imperatives are climate change; industry trust and security; and skills for the future workforce.

At Khyber Coded, we work to maximize opportunities for our customers’ IT operations by providing an efficient platform that limits resource use, and products that strive for sustainability in all respects. We have the capability to reduce our customers’ electricity consumption by writing algorithms that maximize efficiency by minimizing idle time. We aim to ensure that our products make efficient use of physical resources, like materials and energy, throughout their life cycles. These kinds of software solutions have contributed in many fields like education,health, security and entertainment.Our product are customized and secure because our developers develop software’s in java technology.

Why Khyber Coded

We work with organizations to craft immersive customer experiences. Khyber Coded provides Business Automation & Transformation, Business Branding, Digital Marketing, IT Consultancy, Custom software design, and development as well as professional services, hardware deployment and maintenance to the following verticals: Government (Local and Central), Financial Services, Health Care and Education.


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